About Us

About Play Minecraft Online

Play-Minecraft.Games is a browser and mobile games platform that you can play online on your browser with more than 100k monthly active users. All our games are inspired from minecraft, pixel,crafting, block and ranging from 3D first person shooters to puzzle games. The most popular category is minecraft games ofcourse. Every week we choose new high-quality games to add to play minecraft online. We try our best to find new minecraft games which kids may like it.

Thanks to improvement on WebGL and WebAssembly now gaming on browser is better than ever, its never been before like now extremely powerful and Amazing 3D graphics and near-native level performance are becoming possible without the need for downloads, its an opportunity for gamers and minecraft fun especially who doesnt like to download games and wants to play online.

Who we Are ?

Play-Minecraft.Games was created by 2 young student Gamer in 2013 in Turkey (before 2016 it was playminecraft.eu) , we are really fan of Minecraft and love it alot, one day we asked ourself if we can create games like minecraft ? is it possible ? and we saw that we are not alone, there are huge minecraft fans and there are already a lot of games like minecraft created by the gamers like us. Then we decided to create this platform and collect all the games together under this platform. Nowadays we are also trying to create some games, you can find them in our site with play-minecraft.games logo or you can find them in play strore .

If you would like to discuss something, please get in touch!