Play 3D Minecraft FPS 5 [online] & [Free]

Play 3D Minecraft FPS 5 [online] & [Free]

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Play 3D Minecraft FPS 5 [online] & [Free]


Minecraft is basically an expensive game but Minecraft 3D 5 FPS is free for all the users and designed in such a way so that you can easily install it on your computer for free!! When you log into the game you would see a list on the left top specifying all the available servers, then you can click the play button and start enjoying the game. Your goal in the game is prepared with unity engine, and you can use W-A-S-D keys to destroy all the enemies encountered while progressing to the next level. You can also use different types of weapons by clicking keys from 1 and 6. You can use the R to reload the weapons. In order to open a new menu screen, you have to press the TAB button. Once you will be able to eliminate all the enemies you would encounter in the 3 different game modes Minecraft FPS 3D you will be at the 5th level.

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